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Welcome to Project Sparticle

Post  Chimerical on Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:53 am

Welcome to my forums,
So I guess I'll start by explaining why I've made this forum and my relation to the show itself.

Like many others I began by watching the show, a weekend at home with Iplayer and up pops a show called 'The Sparticle Project', being in my mid teens, I was extremely cautious of such a 'kids' show. What appeal could this have? Isnt this a stupid amateur program? Well... I am very glad to say that I was proven wrong. It was a brilliant programme and I hadn't even seen the first episode. I began watching mid-way through the show and watched earlier episodes via Iplayer. The next 6 weeks for me were just a period of turmoil, where I would spend my time wishing and waiting for the next episode. Some impressed me more than others, but every single one of them was worth waiting for. I loved not just the concept of the show, but the characters too. One could say I became flustered with love. Love for a show? I did consider making a similar website to this back then...

So yes, I did get upset when it came to a close, I knew it was fairly popular through online statistics, however I was unsure if their were any plans for a second series, so I promptly used a program to permanently download the shows in high quality from Iplayer. Watched em a few times more and eventually forgot about it again, every once and a while having a look online for any news. My story picks up again when viewing the online movie site 'ScreenTerrier', where they had just listed a casting call for the series 2 of the show, and I instantly sparked up. I thanked God for giving the show a second series, and danced a little around my room. (Note I am male Razz ) Not much news really trickled out otherwise.

I almost cried when series 2 came out, not because I was sad, but because I hadn't realised till the 5th episode in when I did a random search on Iplayer. Now my first thoughts were that I had somehow missed 5 weeks worth, however I was more disappointed when I looked into it and found the episodes had been shown over the course of a week and were not being spread out. Having said that, I hurried and with haste enjoyed the next 3 hours catching up on the 5 episodes. Thats really it as for how I came across the show itself.

I have had some experience before making a community website and coding and I know its unlikely people are gonna just settle here, heck the show finishes on friday and I doubt many people will join. So I spent a few hours making this, hoping a few people will get involved, hoping it will increase the chances of the show being popular, maybe get a community going and lead to a third series. Maybe not though. At the end of the day, if you don't try, you'll never get anything, and I don't want the show to end with just 2 seasons.

So sign up, spread the word. If you like the show, then support it, discuss it and share it! I shouldn't be welcoming you to my forums, I should be welcoming you to our forums.

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(insert title here)

Post  I_am_not_called_bob on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:56 am

3 things

1. yes i realy did write (insert title here) Laughing

2. the way u found series 1 is kinda the way i started watching wolfblood i thaught it was another pathetic kids show that wasnt gonna get much ratings but i watched it on iplayer (if im honest to see how bad it was) but i ended up liking it.

3.i see your point of how putting 10 episodes over two weeks was rediculus and i mised the first 5 so it was like they gave up on it so shortened its air time by 8 weeks (im glad i didnt need to wait weeks to see what hapened next but if it was spred out i would have had something to watch for longer and there ratings probably would have been higher)

no i cant spell very well pig

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