Series 2, Episode 7: The Traders

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Series 2, Episode 7: The Traders

Post  Chimerical on Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:04 am

Awesome episode, I feel it drew a lot of information out. Especially concerning Rocky who I must say as a character I'm glad we are getting rid of. (Tia & Jeff FTW) The whole Serena Sadiq thing is peculiar and I'd rather it was out sooner than later although I fear they're holding that whole Serena is 'really good/nice' till the finale.

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Holly, her parents were never close to her, never really loved her as much as they should have. I can see why she wouldn't want them back. Therefore I feel sorry for her, because she's being led on by Serena and while she may not want the adults back, the Sparticle's are still her friends and it's a shame she cannot feel the same as them.

Anyone else got an opinion of todays episode?

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